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Golden eyes!

Every woman knows that the hardest thing to cover when you put make-up on, are your under-eyes especially if you are experiencing dark circles🕵.  Dark circles and under eyes problems can have many different causes: sleep deprivation stress heredity oversleep ( seriously I’m not kidding) lifestyle ( yes it’s bad to smoke and drink 👮 hihihi) sun exposure (…

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Marc Jacobs in my pencils case 🎒

Feast your eyes!😎 When I do my makeup, I spend the most time on my eyes! Accentuate my glance is the touch that adds charm and makes the entire look classy. I am always looking to find “the” eye pencil that will underline my eyes without flowing out and ruin the rest of my Picasso!…

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  • December 13, 2017

Did you say heathy French fries?

In our family, we just love French fries! Before, I used to make my french fries in a plain frying pan which was so hard to clean. So when it broke down, I started chasing after the perfect roast 🕵 After several hours online and on the phone (because I’m lucky enough to have family and…

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