Give me a Glam 💖

When I go on vacations or have children at home (🤔), then I have to have a plan B for my skin! And there come Glam Glow Products !
The first time I tried them, it was in Miami. There was a glam glow mask in my sis’ bathroom cabinet (ok I admit it, I love to ride in my siblings’ cabinets shuuut) my eyes were immediately attracted by the beautiful packaging, the appealings colors, the name of the product, and the fantastic scent!

I tried the white mask SUPERMUD® it gives a super clean and fresh looking skin. Very easy to use! Apply only a thin layer on clean skin, if you have enough time, use a scrub first, it makes the skin react better to the mask. Let the product sit for 15-20 minutes and remove it with warm water. You can decide to apply the mask on the entire face or target only areas which need to be treated. The mask cleans and leaves the skin soft, smooth, and irresistibly fresh. It is designed for men and women. My brother loves to use it when he comes to visit 😜

After this lovely discovery, I bought a number of them! One for every need or mood or mud hi hi!

I have tried The Blue Mask THIRSTYMUD. This one moisturizes, softens, restores, rebuilds, and calms the skin. I use it in winter, or after a peeling treatment. It smells lovely, and the texture is so comfortable! You can use it by day or by night.

DAY: Let it sit for 10-20 minutes until the product is absorbed into the skin. Remove the excess with coton and massage the the skin or remove it with lukewarm water. I noticed that the makeup sits very well after I use the blue mask.
NIGHT: Treat the skin with plenty of moisture and wake up to an incredibly moisturized skin. You can also use it on an airplane trip where your skin becomes dry and itchy:

  • Apply first on the ride and let it sit during the entire flight.
  • Gentlemen, you can use it after shaving!

I have bought the black YOUTHMUD too. I use it before using the mask. YOUTHMUD gives a super-glowing skin. It provides a light exfoliation and leaves the skin smooth, light, and soft, in other words – a beautiful skin with a flawless finish. I like to use it just after a hot bath; the application is effortless, apply a thin layer on the clean skin. You can expect a tingling sensation for a maximum of 10 minutes. Remove the mask and exfoliate the skin by massaging the product into the skin with circular movements.

My favorite of all is the orange jar FLASHMUD ™! It gives a more uniform and even looking skin. It Contains advanced and innovative ingredients that brighten and smooth the skin, giving the skin a flawless finish containing natural betulin and ellagic acid that improves and balances skin tone. It fits all skin tones, regardless of age and skin types.

Apply to dry skin with circular movements to pre-exfoliate the skin and improve product absorption. Let it sit for 20 minutes. The product becomes semi-transparent as the ingredients are absorbed. Remove with water. Used it 3 days in a row for optimum results. Then use 2-3 a week to maintain the beautiful skin. Use sunscreen moisturizer to protect and sustain results of FLASHMUD ™. Be aware that the results can be weakened if you don’t wear sun protection.

  • After any GlamGlow treatment, I feel almost like in Miami again! 😍Pots are available in 2 sizes: 50g and 15g, I bought mine at Sephora, but you can also buy them online

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