Give me more space!

When we built our house I already know that I will crave for more space. not only because I want a big walking closet (lol) or we are a big family but also because we leave in a country where the light and space are precious.

We built a house of 250 m2 and we have enough place in the garden to let the kids play football 🙏  but we have the feeling that we can actually optimize the way of using our outdoor space. Cause as you know In the north of Europe (excepting this year) summer season is quite short and very moody. In order to palliate this problem, we turn toward the Pergola solution.

What is a Pergola🧐

Pergolas are landscaping structures that create shaded walkways, passageways, or sitting areas in gardens. They are typically made of vertical posts and pillars that support cross-beams and a sturdy open lattice in our case we choose the aluminum design which is much more appropriate to the rude weather and easier to maintain compared to wood. We also picked the movable function which allowed the louvers (rooftop) to be completely open. Each section can be operated parallelly and separately with a remote control.

This is the result: . We chose to build our dream Pergola

Where can we built a pergola

You can actually build a pergola anywhere, we choose our backyard to keep the maximum of privacy

Chairs from Ilva :

Table from Room8:



What to do in a pergola?

Pergola is a good solution if you want to keep your house lightens and style enjoy the outside, I fit all my ideas in one pergola so I decided to arrange 2 cozy areas, one with a lounge area and the second one with a dining table with one bench and 3 chairs. We also planned to install an outdoor tv or screen. Kids have sleep outside many days this summer to enjoy Danish summer nights❤

I also enjoy the possibility to make a barbecue without being wet and be right next to my guest and not in the kitchen.

How long it takes to build a pergola?

All process took us 2 months😮 but the reason is that the company has to order the material out of the country. But if you talk about the building process it took only one day and 4 people.

What does costs a Pergola

All depends on which material and options you chose but you have to keep in mind that it can starts from 5000 euros up to 50 000 euros.

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