• February 14, 2018

I’m glowing with vitamine C🌟!

I would like to introduce my perfect skincare duo: Exuviance serum + Exuviance AF Vitamin C capsules

I have fallen in love with the Exuviance vitamine C capsules during a facial treatment, the beautician used the serum at the end of the session to moisturize my skin and make it softer. After the treatment, as a curious woman, I searched for that new serum which contains obviously all my skin needs right now.

After a vacation in Dubaï, I got a lot of heat but at the same time, a lot of sun. Who says tan and sun exposure implies also uneven tone, especially when you have Asian roots.😰

Therefore, I’m super excited to learn about this concentrated and luminous serum which exfoliates the skin and gives a new and amazing glow.

The serum helps to give a clear, brilliant and even skin tone and leaves the skin more youthful and healthier. It also helps to exfoliate easily to “bleach” away dark spots and prevent new spots. That’s exactly what my skin needs !!



What does Optilight serum do to my skin?

  • Lightly exfoliates to fade the look of dark spots and discourage new spots from forming
  • NeoGlucosamine and a targeted Peptide blend help even pigment
  • Licorice and pure active botanical ingredients extracted from seven Alpine Plants, including Mallow and Lady’s Mantle help brighten skin

Optilght serum helps to provide a more balanced, luminous complexionLightly, exfoliates to fade the look of dark spots and prevent new spots from forming.
Licorice and pure active botanical ingredients extracted from seven Alpine Plants, including Mallow and Lady’s Mantle, help brighten the skin.


Can be applied to specific areas or all over face, backs of hands and chest, wherever dark spots are a problem. Ideal in the evening to help discourage new spots from cropping up. Perfect after a day or a season of overexposure to the elements.

You can boost the effect of your serum with the vitamin C capsules.

Exuviance AF vitamin C Serum capsules

In addition, I love the packaging method! A one-shot capsule which contains exactly the amount of product you need and keeps it safe from the unsterilized environment it prevent also from any cream wastage and it is also pleasant to use!

Vitamin C (L-Ascorbic Acid) is an essential co-factor in collagen synthesis, known for its power to strengthen skin’s matrix, improve skin firmness and smooth wrinkles, as well as brighten spots for a more even, radiant complexion. A potent antioxidant, vitamin C helps neutralize oxidative damage from everyday environmental exposure to decelerate signs of aging.

How to use it?

Twist capsule open. Dispense directly into palm. Using fingertips, smooth lightly over skin in the evening. Follow with a moisturizer or other anti-aging treatment, if desired. Alternatively, AF Vitamin C20 can be mixed into your nighttime moisturizer in the palm of your hand before applying. Use once daily as tolerated. For sensitive skin, use 2-3 times per week, then increase use as tolerated, up to once daily.

Here can you buy it: http://www.ulta.com/af-vitamin-c20-serum-capsules?productId=xlsImpprod16561010

After 3 weeks of use, I can clearly see the difference!


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