Marc Jacobs in my pencils case 🎒

Feast your eyes!😎

When I do my makeup, I spend the most time on my eyes! Accentuate my glance is the touch that adds charm and makes the entire look classy. I am always looking to find “the” eye pencil that will underline my eyes without flowing out and ruin the rest of my Picasso!

What eyeliner must I have:

  • The color: must be intense, have a good shelf life and be waterproof.
  • It should be easy to use and apply. And now, you are thinking that it’s too much to ask for, and it’s only in the Make-up artist world where you are going to find it. But I found it, ladies!

I would like to introduce you to the Marc Jacobs Make-up line. Most people know Marc Jacobs like the clothing designer, but there are not so many of us why use his makeup products. It will change soon, it’s guaranteed!



It was love at first sight!

The packaging is so elegant and smart. There is an integrated pencil tip; I get luminous and intense colors in just one step, the gel texture gives a fierce result and is so easy to work with.

How to use the magic wand?

To get the maximum out of this product, you have to move quick ladies! I mean, before it dry.

For the upper lid smoke technique, I like to glide on the upper lid lashes two at three times, the creamy formula glide so effortlessly and has an intense color payoff.

Now, using a smudge brush pull and straight the product over the lid of your eyes. Continue until you reach the willing intensity.

You can repeat the same steps for the lower lid.

Pro tip: After you have underlined your eyes, squeeze your them tightly for 3 seconds, this is going to allows the product to stamps the upper lash line as well.

When you are done, put the protective cap back on the pencil, to prevent it from drying.

If you want, you can quickly mix eyeliner with eyeshadow before it gets dry, it gives a very “pro look.”

You can watch a full demonstration here:



Credit: Pinterest

To express intensity and continue building the Marc Jacobs look, I use the Marc Jacobs Mascara, and I am a big fan of it. Marc Jacobs Mascara through a single step gives the eyelashes an incomparable volume. The creamy formula has a velvet-like texture that is the result of the unique combination of wax and a creamy gel.

Together they give an instantaneous volume to the lashes, and the mascara does not crumble. The curved brush gives an intense volume in the middle of the eyelashes to close the eyelashes together but also defines the points you want to emphasize.

Where can I find the Marc Jacobs Mascara?


How do I use my Airb lush?

I like to use a fan brush to fulfill a velvety finish.

This two-tone blush provides many fascinating possibilities to achieve different looks.

You can efficiently use the bright red side to give a “shy look,” or you can also blend both colors to give a glowing look.

Pro tips: You can blend both colors and apply them to the apples of the cheek, make sure to keep the application high.

You can also use only the bright shade to illuminate your cheeks bones, nose, and top of the lips.

Where can I find the Air blush?

I’m ready for the show!

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