• February 10, 2018

My mornings smell good🌞


To enhance the smell of perfumes, I love to use shower gel, soap or deodorant, it gives more fragrance and intensifies the perfume’s smell throughout the day.

I just like to start my day with the scent that adjusts my mood, currently, I’m quite under the spell of these treasure:

La Petite Robe Noire

I don’t have to describe the Guerlain smell at all. Each fragrance gives a special mood and image. Right now I’m in love with La Petite Robe Noire.

La Petite Robe Noire is an irresistible and absolutely glamorous fragrance creme from Guerlain. La Petite Robe Noire opens its fragrance wardrobe and presents us with a suitable scent for any occasion.

The shower gel smells is like the perfume! After bathing I continue with the deodorant perfume. Sometimes I do not have to wear the perfume because the deodorant’s scent is enough!

J’adore de Dior

I have been a big fan of J’adore for the past 10 years! The aroma lasts all day and gives a warm and sensual energy. This lightweight lotion has an unctuous and milky texture enriched with cotton nectar and jasmine flower extract that nourishes and enhances the skin. J’adore Body Milk is delicately perfumed and discreetly recreates the J’adore‘s unique scent on the skin.

This deodorant is easily sprained on the skin in a delicate veil, with the enchanting scent of J’adore.


Si of Armani

Giorgio Armani is not only known for creating world-class fashion clothes but also for his amazing perfumes. One of them is Si. When a woman has first tried Giorgio Armani’s Si, it is a love affair that lasts forever.

I love the strong fragrance of freesia and rose that allows the fragrance to last for a long time and develop for hours.

Jour d’Hermés

My last day of celebration is Jour d’Hermès. From hair to the toes, every inch of your body is going to smell Hermès! I fell in love with it in Dubaï, when I stayed at Burj al Arab. The hotel and Hermès have collaborated and I can fully understand why a luxurious hotel like Burj al Arab would like to marry its image with a name like Hermès.

I started washing hair and adding a balm while indulging into a shower using soap that smells like perfume and finally I perfumed myself, the scent lasts all day.


Is there a better way to start the day?🌞


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