My green alternative: The slow juicer

Being a mum of three or four (every other week), I really struggle to integrate veggies into our daily meals routine. Even when I am able to serve veggies, I feel like we did not have enough nutrients because as we all know the more we cook vegetables the lesser vitamins you from the final dish. So let take the problem from the other side: If you want to get the maximum of benefits of eating vegetables you should eat them raw! What is the best and easiest way to eat multiple vegetables and fruits at the same time and make it taste the way you want?

My solution a slow Juicer

What is a slow juicer?

A slow juicer is a juicer which is going to masticate (chew) all fruits and vegetables and also nuts in a slow way. Masticating juicers work by chewing and grinding the fibers of your juicing ingredients together and then putting pressure on the juice and pulp mixture to extract the juice through some sort of filter, they press or squeeze out the juice at low temperature, preserving the nutrients that might otherwise be damaged by heat.

Why do a prefer slow juicer rather than a normal juicer?

My juice journey started a few years ago when I was at the gym and enjoyed a fresh cold pressurized juice, and I could feel the difference between my home juice and this one. Back at home, I shared my experience with my hubby who was very into this and we decided to invest in a juicer. The first one was the Philips Hr 1869 very efficient and easy to clean but not as professional as I wanted but it was a great start to learn how to love and prepare juices easily.

But after a while and being a fan of fresh juices, I really wanted to enjoy The real slow juicing process that’s why we bought the Biochef slow juicer.


Biochef is quite simple to use and what I highly appreciate is the flavor of juices and I can easily check it when I look at the discarded pulp which is quite dry, that’s means that all the nutriment and fiber from the juice ingredients was properly extracted and this is the most important thing to me.

What kind of juices do I prepare?

To get some inspiration I love to go on internet but what I really try to focus on my moment’s needs: if I have a cold I prefer using ingredients like ginger, or oranges, if I feel I have an intern inflammation so I use Curcuma roots, if I need to clean my stomach I choose to use green leafs and lime. To make my juices healthier and efficient I also favorize bio-ingredients which have not been treated in any way.

Every mood and seasons have is own juice!



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