• February 10, 2018

Be kind to my hair!


I love long hair! But having long hair requires a lot of care and attention! Especially when you like to match your hair color with the season.

I love trying new hair products and I’m always looking for the “product” that will save my hair! After so many years of coloring and highlighs, my hair needs care and moisture every time I wash it.

I have discovered a miraculous hair product, which is also my hairdresser’s secret weapon, she uses no balm, instead, she uses GHD advanced split end therapy. In her opinion, hair is more affected by the product without any balsam. It is in itself a leave-in product. The promise is being held. The hair is protected by the heat especially if you straighten it or use a hairdryer.

⚡How to pamper your hair:

– First, wash your hair with shampoo, but avoid using conditioner.
– Take 10 ml of product into your hand.
– Apply the product on the length down to the tips.
– Divide your hair into multiple sections and dry it. Be sure to use the lowest heat on your dryer.
– For best results, straighten your hair with a smooth strainer afterward. It will activate the product.

No more guilty feelings for being a straightening addict😇

Her can you find GHD advanced split end therapy

If you talk about hair cure, hair rescue, hair protection against the heat then you have to mention L’incroyable Blow dry from Kérastase.

L’incroyable Blow dry from Kérastase protects your hair up to 230 ° C, this is even important for light hair. The product textures are incredibly soft and easy to distribute to the hair.

With  L’incroyable Blow dry, you upgrade your hair routine with reshapeable and restylable technology!

L’Incroyable Blow Dry has a shape memory. The hairstyle can last over 96 hours !!! It also contains some ingredients that make your hair paralyzed for days and look like it just got a blow dry!

My hair looks so good in the bathroom, but as soon as I get out to the Danish weather (very humide) it will be completely different as if it is not under my control no matter how much time I have spent on it (betrayer!) But since I started using L’Incroyable Blow dry it stays quiet and it’s a miracle !!

Her can you buy L‘incroyable Blow dry fra Kérastase :


Now I can say that I’m not afraid of the Danish weather … (at least not for my hair!)💋


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