• December 13, 2017

Did you say heathy French fries?

In our family, we just love French fries! Before, I used to make my french fries in a plain frying pan which was so hard to clean. So when it broke down, I started chasing after the perfect roast¬†ūüēĶ

After several hours online and on the phone (because I’m lucky enough to have family and friends in many countries), I’m getting informed about this new phenomenon called AIR FRYER. But what the hell is that? One of my friends living in Switzerland told me about her new roast and emphasized that it’s so easy to clean and you do not need oil to cook anymore!

When I lived in France I had some kind of deep fryer that only needed 1 spoon of oil but I did not like the taste of french¬†fries … I’m totally crazy about new things but I do not want to compromise on the quality of the food! I would like to eat crispy and airy french fries!

Okay, I know exactly which stage pot I would like, but the question is just what brand should I choose?

The Winner is Philips AirFryer XL! I have chosen it because it has a nice design, and it is possible to change accessories without problems. For example, I can put a frying pan into it to grill meat or fish and it’s so easy to clean!

But how does it work like that?

In short, it’s a process where we use air to make the food. Almost no oil you can fry, shake, bake or grill all kinds of dishes in the AirFryer.

It’s so easy to use! Simply turn it on, open the tray and add french fries from the freezer and after 10 minutes the food is ready!


If you buy an extra plate, you can prepare 2 different dishes at the same time! so smart! This AirFryer also allows you to bake a cake or roast a whole chicken in it.

Food is ready!

I admit it’s a bit more expensive than a regular roast but it’s worth all the money!

Here can you buy it:



Bon appetit!


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