Why did I decide to install a water tap with boiling water …

When we were about to design our new kitchen, we also had to choose which appliances we would have in our new food sanctuary.

As usual, I have a lot of ideas, and as usual, my husband controls the numbers (unfortunately). Therefore I had to make difficult choices ūüėďIt’s was not a big deal to drop the integrated coffee machine because we just bought our Delonghi coffee machine (which I’m very pleased with! but under no circumstances, I will compromise¬†on my Quooker! So to make it real, I had to come up with some good arguments!

  • My husband’s first reaction was: “Why do you need¬†burning water in your sink? and It costs the box! Can’t you just boil the water in electric boilers?”
  • Now I have to come with my trump card: Children. ” Darling, it’s¬†much faster if you want to make pasta for children. “
  • I know he thinks it’s a waste of money, but I also know that it will make a big difference in the busy day. It takes him 2 weeks to set up his mind but he and said yes¬†Hourraaa!

How do faucets work with boiling water?

The principle of the boiling water tap is that cold water is heated in a small water tank (usually between 2.5-11 liters), which is most often placed in the closet under the kitchen sink. The water tank is made of stainless steel according to the “thermocouple principle”, so there is little energy from the tank as possible. Cold tap water is fed into the water tank, where it is heated and cleaned through a filter. On the way to the tap, the water cools slightly after which it is ready for use.


  • Disinfect bottles
  • Disinfect pacifier
  • Cook macaroni
  • Make noodle soup
  • Poacher fish
  • Making filter coffee
  • Clean the laundry
  • Blanching vegetables
  • Cook couscous

here can you watch more videos about the different usage of Quooker:


I really appreciate the use of my Quooker in my daily life and I¬†didn’t regret my choice. Moreover, the service of Quooker company¬†is perfect.

Always be careful when it comes to boiling water. Knocked over kettles cause hundreds of casualties each year, especially for young children. Such accidents are a thing of the past with the Quooker, thanks to its childproof handle and insulated sides that ensure it never feels hot to the touch. The water is boiling, but the flow is a fine spray rather than a solid jet, giving you plenty of time to get your hands out of harm’s way. Safety and ease of use go hand in hand with the Quooker.

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