• September 20, 2018

Villa or resort? is the question

What I particularly love about vacation is to be somewhere else, but when someone talks to me about going away it also means kids and hesitations. When I plan summer family vacation I often have to plan for three different types of vacation and locations: one with my siblings and all the kids, one for my direct-family, and one to France to visit my parents.

My husband’s first requirement is that the location has to be a resort where everything is available for kids and adults don’t really have to worry about safety or about entertaining the little ones. Because of that I like to travel differently when I am with my siblings so I can discover new landscapes and be more hands-on.


This year, my two younger sisters and I agreed to go to Portugal together. We tried to contact our last year contact for the villa in Spain (hills Villa) but nothing was available so we turned into looking at what Portugal had to offer. We very carefully chose our agency ( we are quite vigilant of fraud and pranks. when you have 9 kids with you, you don’t want to take any risk)

We picked https://www.springvillas.net/  of course because of theirs villas but also for the service. They have a personal cook on reservations, babysitter services, cleaning, and many more. We didn’t find out a solution with the cook at the end cause we were looking for Halal cuisine and no one was available to provide this (maybe a niche market that needs be explored!).

We arrived quite late, everyone was coming from the different country and have to collect a car. But without any problem, we were welcomed by our agent, Elena, the suitest girl ever, so kind and professional. We arrived at the villa and everything was just as described

But the inconvenient was at there was nothing to eat at this time (11:30 pm), fortunately, my organized sister took some pasta and sauce with her!!

Everything was perfect during our stay. We appreciate :

  • private pool, jacuzzi,
  • training room,

  • many rooms fully equipped,
  • weather, security,
  • The service of our agent Helena and her adorabæe mother
  • the location 

When you choose the Villa concept, I think you are more inclined to go outside and visit different things.

But if you are looking for a restful holiday ( I know its a dream when you have 9 kids) but I’m talking about home chores you picked the wrong solution, cause you still have to cook, clean, and do grocery shopping. You can avoid all of this with the agency services but it was too tricky with so many food allergies, specials needs requirements and of course the cost of each service.

All included resort 


After my time in Portugal, I definitely needed a break with the kitchen and grocery and the resort was the perfect solution.

We chose http://www.regnumhotels.com/en/rooms-belek-antalya/golf-family-by-pool.html a villa with private pool, everything was amazing.


We are quite in love with Turkey, which is our preferred destination. Every time it’s the same happiness and joy to come back there. The Hotel was amazing, we appreciated:

  • the transfer in a limousine

  • the private villa and pool
  • the restaurant simply amazing
  • the services
  • the spa
  • the kid’s environment

  • the partnership with the close adventure park: Land of Legends

daily saba

  • the shopping

  • the Entertainment


To summarize, both solutions are great. It all depends on what you are looking for and what your expectations are. Next year I will do the same but definitely hire a cook for the villa!




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