When your home smells like you…

Don’t you ever imagine how someone’s house interior looks like, only with smelling this person scent? or inversely if you come to someone’s place and smell his interior don’t you immediately get an image of how this person is? The equation is quite simple if your house smells good you will smell good as well.

But let’s take this to another level; what if you can give, your home your body smell signature, what if without being home your private space exhale your smell? This can be possible if you choose to immerse your home in Rituals universe. Home fragrance today is not anymore here to mask bad odors, home diffuser, candles, oils, home scent are here to make your home alive. The scent has the power to evoke all kinds of positive emotions. No wonder, then, that the way your house smells can influence your day-to-day life. Your home is your sanctuary, so make it smell like a unique one, make it smell your energy.

I am a candles lovers and if they smell so it’s icing on the cake. But since I start to use fragrance sticks it’s not a prioritie anymore. But the scent should not be a treat for your nose. The scent should implement your own house energy, it should create a definite atmosphere which will either enhance your actual energy or cure a lack of good vibes.

Each room deserve a special scent

The rules of the home fragrance are to limit it to one scent per room, to create a definite atmosphere for the specific use of each space. For example, use some citrus extract or orange notes to marry the kitchen sanctuary, adopt a lavender scent in your bedroom to feel relaxed and favorable for a good sleep. Try some cinnamon or mint notes in your office to enhance your concentration and make you more alert.

Fill your bath time with good energy a delicate scent

What if you can start your day with a particular energy which will suit your mood of the day. Warp your whole body with Indian roses aroma. Enjoy the smell of this incredible foam bath or this rich bath oil and make your shower an agreeable moment. And if you rinse your body more deeply so step into this ayurvedic ritual of scrubbing

Old-age Ayurvedic science says that scrubbing is a very effective way to cleanse the body and stimulate energy flow. The process is accelerated if you combine it with a hot bath.


Your wardrobe will never feel the same

When I take out some clothes from my wardrobe, I love the feeling to perceive a delicate scent emanating from my outfits. I choose these luxuriously perfumed sachets with delicate Indian roses scent. Rose scent has calming properties and is all you need to improve your mood! The refined fragrance of the Indian rose also has a beneficial effect on the skin.

When the scent has the power to take back to a place

Don’t you love the feeling to go back to a specific place, or to be with a specific person, only with smelling the same smell that you inhale at his particular moment? I love this impression, and most of the time when I came back from holidays and I have stayed in an amazing hotel where I feel relaxed and relieve, I always try to get back to this estate trough smells. For example, when I came back from Dubai where I have a fabulous stay at The Burj Al Arab, I try to recreate this delicate and luxurious atmosphere with black Oudh notes, and it works perfectly!


I really appreciate using Rituals products cause they really took not only your home fragrance to the other level but also their ambition to enhance and boost your energies.

Where can you buy Rituals products?


Let your Home feef your energy!


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