• February 14, 2018

Why you should take your kids to the library

I have never enjoyed the library as much as I¬†do now that I have kids. I think it’s the perfect¬†place to experience more than reading.

Living in a much smaller town than Paris I don’t have the same requirements as far as culture and arts are concerned. However, I think that the towns I have visited are really trying to take their cultural department to the next level. I’m quite lucky to live in an area where the city just renovated¬†and built a brand new library making¬†it kids’ friendly and lively.

I remember going to the library as a child, there was a tiny corner dedicated to the younger kids and toddler were quite forgotten. Adults come to the library to work and they need a peaceful and quiet atmosphere so libraries use to limit access to the screaming kids.

But nowadays the mainstream idea is that if you want the next generation to be attracted to something else than screens you should start early and show them the good example. In my opinion, municipalities work twice as hard with lot of ingenuity and resources to make Libraries the place to be.

Boundless activities

Maybe in your mind, the library is an eerily quiet place with shushing. But now the library’s youngest patrons engage with books and magazines, with librarians, and with other kids. Most libraries offer regular children programs that make stories come to life. (Think puppets, costumes, and animated storytellers.) And often this magic happens in cozy corners where kids flip down on big pillows and bean-bag chairs.

Libraries often offer more than merely books.  CD and DVD’s can be borrowed a wonderful resource of exhibitions, talks, and holiday activities are opened to the public.

Increase kids’ love for books

Taking your child to the library may seem like a chore or nuisance but making it a success and something meaningful requires your patience and willingness to help guid her in finding books and stories that will encourage her to read and explore her interests and hobbies.

A place to socialize

More than a reading place it is also a socializing place, where your kids are going to communicate with others in a different way. Regardless of your ethnicity or socioeconomic status, the library is an equal-opportunity provider of knowledge, where your kids will learn to speak with better words.


Introduce kids to art

Libraries are also a stage where Musicians perform intimate concerts. Authors sign books and do poetry readings. And since many of these artists are locals, kids gain an appreciation for the culture in their own communities.

Best of all, it’s usually free because libraries want everybody to have access to their awesome opportunities.

Sense of responsibility

Your kids are going to learn the importance of taking care of something they can enjoy for a while and pass it to the next readers. It will also teach them the sense of responsibility of taking care of something and returning it at the due date.

Share a cup of tea

Many libraries¬†offer a coffee shop corner where you can feed your stomach and your brain¬†ūüėé


So bringing your kids to the library is not only a getaway, it is also a step into education, your library is a fantastic place to meet people and foster a sense of community that goes far beyond books.

So let go to the library!

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